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ANIMAVIENNA is a group of six independent art jewellers, whose work reflects their diversity. The individual members are unique in terms of their art and concepts. They share a common belief in artistic cooperation, exchange and endeavour, as well as a firm commitment to craftsmanship. MORE…

The group focuses on lending a new dimension to conceiving and creating meticulously crafted jewellery. Major factors in the members’ work are the individual otherness of their designs and the communicability of their different approaches. Equally important are freedom of expression, exchange of ideas and mutual respect.

The very qualities that enable the members of the group to appreciate similar aspirations in others permit them to translate their own emotions and intuitions into a compelling and distinctive art form. The group is aware of the different traditions and factors at play in modern art jewellery and seeks to go beyond the confines of adornment.

The very essence of the group’s work is rooted in a quest for new forms of expression commensurate with the world in which we live and the realities of modern society. Art thus becomes a reflection of societal diversity. Akin to all other art forms, art jewellery reveals not only the current stage and continuity of its genesis, with all its fissions and fractures, but also the utopias to which it aspires.

Independent of fashionable trends and art movements, ANIMAVIENNA focuses on the basic concept of jewellery and the pleasure it affords. The manner in which the members design and develop their jewellery is clearly shaped by their personalities as artists and each contains a personal message. All the members bring their special skills to bear and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In a globalised world that makes ever-increasing demands of the individual, the significance of creative artists as transmitters of cultural values in their encounters with people of the most diverse origins, with different approaches to life and life styles, cannot be overstated. Given its body-related individuality, this holds particularly true for art jewellery.



In 2008 five founding members of the group, Petr Dvorak, Jacqueline I. Lillie, Gerti Machacek and Florian Wagner, began holding collective shows in varying formats. Bao Toan Puls joined the group in 2011, followed by Jura Golub two years later.


2016ANIMA at JOYA2016, Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona
2015ANIMAVIENNA Soiree und Matinee, Galerie MANA, Vienna
2015ANIMAVIENNA at OFF JOYA2015, Studio Jura Golub, Barcelona
2014ANIMA at JOYA2014, Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona
Die lange Nacht der Schmuckkunst, Galerie MANA, Vienna
2013Designpfad, Galerie MANA, Vienna
OFF JOYA2013, Studio Jura Golub, Barcelona
Die lange Nacht der Schmuckkunst, Galerie MANA, Vienna
2012Die lange Nacht der Schmuckkunst, Galerie MANA, Vienna
2011WHITE-9 Jewellery Standpoints, Studio LINIERT, Vienna
Die lange Nacht der Schmuckkunst, Galerie MANA, Vienna
2010Die lange Nacht der Schmuckkunst, Galerie MANA, Vienna
and in Art Forum myart-flener, Vienna
COMPENDIUM AUSTRIA, The Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellers, Art Forum myart-flener, Vienna
2009Die lange Nacht der Schmuckkunst, Galerie MANA, Vienna
2008Die lange Nacht der Schmuckkunst, Galerie MANA, Vienna


Earrings in 130 boxes

When new solutions are sought, those involved are invariably encouraged to ‘think outside the box’. It is commonly held that such an approach calls for a large measure of creativity and an unconventional mindset.

But what if the inverse is true? The jewellery artists attached to ANIMAVIENNA are convinced that ‘thinking inside the box’ calls for just as much creativity and unconventional thinking.

The group and twenty invitees will take up the challenge of designing earrings to fit inside a series of identical rectangular boxes – 130 in all – measuring l: 47 x w: 37 and h:19 mm [5 boxes per participating artist]. The participating artists are free to choose any material they like and there are no restrictions regarding the design. The sole conditions are that the pieces should (i) fit in the box and (ii) be wearable.

The ultimate goal: to come up with exciting pieces - despite the relatively small, standardised and uniformly dimensioned boxes. Each box is a project in itself – hence, the title: a box project.




In countless art forms, capturing light and colour is the all-decisive factor. During the twilight or ‘blue hour’ before sunrise and after sunset, the deep blue hue of the sky acts as a backdrop to a broad spectrum of colours that gradually fade into subtle shades of grey, black and white. These prismatic effects are not unknown to art jewellers as they strive to create a range of colours and clarity of form that is immediately striking. Possibly, a reflection of the creative process that frequently takes place late at night or early in the morning - in 'that blue, almost eternal hour' as Sylvia Plath once said.


Animavienna at MANA 2015 Animavienna at MANA 2015


JOYA 2015


JOYA 2014

Joya 2013 Joya 2013 Joya 2013 Joya 2013 Joya 2013 Joya 2013 Joya 2013 Joya 2013


JOYA 2013

Joya 2013 Joya 2013 Joya 2013 Joya 2013 Joya 2013 Joya 2013


Petr Dvorak

Jewellery is material design that requires the human element to prove its existence

1954Born in Cesky Krumlov, Czechoslovakia
1969Apprenticeship as engraver
1973Art college in Turnov with focus on jewellery design
1976Jewellery designer in Prague
since 1980Jewellery designer resident in Vienna
2011-2014Attended the Department of Gemstones and Jewellery of the Trier University of Applied Sciences in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, and graduated as Master of Fine Arts

Participation in group shows in Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, the Czech republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, the Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Czech republic, the United Kingdom and the United States.

1998Shortlisted for the 1st EU Award for Contemporary Art and Design-led Crafts
1995Nominated for the Austrian State Prize for Craft Design
1988Awarded fourth prize in the International Pearl Contest in Tokyo, Japan
1977,1978 and 1980Awarded the CID Design Prize for Jewellery, Czechoslovakia

Museum of Bohemian Paradise, Turnov, Czech Republic
Hejral Collection, Smržovka, Czech Republic
Museum of Glass and Jewellery, Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic
Museum of Modern Art, Taragona, Spain

2012The Sourceposter of Contemporary Jewlery Design, Natalio Martín Arroyo, Harper Design Barcelona, New York, 2012.ISBN 978-0-06-210503-5
2009Glass in Czech Contemporary Jewelry „Lovers from Prague“ Czech Jewellery, World Jewellery Museum, Seoul, Korea. ISBN: 978-89-959851-4-4 93630
A.Lim, „The Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellers 2008“ Darling Publications, Cologne and New York
2008Mezinárodní Trienále JABLONEC 2008 ISBN: 978-80-86397-08-5
200715 Silbertrienniale, Wertzeichen Goldschmiedehaus Hanau, Germany ISBN: 978-3-926011-47-3
2005Francios Bernard´s Gallery Neon „30 années lumiére“ 2005 “Cap d`art”, Genval, Belgium
METALSMTH „Exhibition in Print“ Society of North American Goldsmiths, USA
2002Fruits of Paradise Symposium in Turnov 2002. Czech Republic. Proměny: českého šperku na konci 20. století - Transformation: Czech jewellery at the end of the 20th century. [ISBN: 80-200-0920-5]
Experiment Schmuck,1984-2002 Erfurt, Germany [ISBN: 3-9808816-0-1]
2001„Gioielli a Bijoux“ 2000-2001 Instituto Geografico De Agostini S.p.A.Novara
20009th Erfurter Symposium, Erfurt , Germany 2000
Gioielleria Contemporanea in Europa, Casino Venice
„Turning Point“, Austrian Jewellery at the Turn of the Century [ISBN:3.9501168-O-X.AT]
SCHMUCK 2000. International Crafts Fair, Munich [ISBN. 3-933363-05]
19981st European Prize for Contemporary Art and Design-led Crafts, World Crafts Council, Europe
Jewellery moves, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland [ISBN: 1 901663 03 5]
1997Czech Modern Jewellery in Stribro
Schmuck aus Österreich, the Berchtold Villa, Salzburg, Austria
1996„Schmuck aus Edelmetall”. Austrian State Prize 1996
1995State Prize for Craft Design, Austria
1994Schmuck und Gerät Ausstellung, Goldschmiedehaus Hanau Germany
19868. Europäische Silbertriennale ´86, Hanau, Germany

Jura Golub

In my work, I seek to present my concept of beauty and aesthetics, while maintaining my own specific artistic identity

Throughout my life I have always wanted to make jewellery

Throughout my life I have always wanted to make jewellery:
a desire that I was able to fulfil at the Technical College for Metal Design in Krasnoe on the Volga where I graduated in 1987.


My first exhibitions were in the Soviet Union in such places as Moscow, Volvograd and Kostroma. On moving to Austria in 1990, I continued to show my work abroad: in Germany, the United States and Spain.

Since 2012 I have been living and working in Spain. Articles on my work have appeared in Kunsthandwerk (2002), while examples of my work have featured in New Rings (2011) and Art Jewelry Today: Europe (2014), as well as in a book for teachers entitled Maker Magic (2014).


2012Enjoia't Awards 2012, Barcelona, Spain [nomination]
2009JOYA ‘09 Barcelona, Spain
2005SOFA ’05, New York, USA
2004BLUE, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, USA
2002Schmuck’ 02, Munich, Germany
2002 Gallery Göttlicher, Krems, Austia
2001SOFA’ 01, New York, USA


Jacqueline I. Lillie

Jewellery is both a reflection of our character and an expression of the period in which we live

The impact of a piece of jewellery should not be determined by the materials used, but by the care invested in its making and the emergent design.

The impact of a piece of jewellery should not be determined by the materials used, but by the care invested in its making and the emergent design.


Contemporary jewellery must be more incisive and flexible than in the past. On that basis, I strive to design jewellery that both complements the ever-changing shifts in fashion and allows the wearer to adapt the piece to her heart’s content.

1941 Born in Marseille, France
1962 - 1965 Studied metal work under Professor Hagenauer at the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna


Museum collections in the United States

Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design, New York
Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Museum of Arts and Design, New York
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
Racine Art Museum, Wisconsin
Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio

Museum collections in Germany

Württemberg State Museum, Stuttgart

Museum collections in Australia

Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

Museum collections in Austria

Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art (MAK), Vienna

Private collections in Austria

Asenbaum collection
Bollmann collection


1980 und 1983 Galerie am Graben, Wien, Österreich
1985 Macquarie Galleries, Sydney, Australia
1986 Works Gallery, New York, USA
1988 Contemporary Jewellery Gallery, Sydney, Australia
1988 Merrin Gallery, New York, USA
1990 Anne O'Brien Gallery, Washington DC, USA
1991 und 1993 Galerie Slavik, Vienna, Austria
1994 The Hand and the Spirit, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
1994, 1997, 2001, 2005 and 2009 Galerie Göttlicher, Krems-Stein, Austria
1995 Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
1996 Galerie Monika Kaesser, Vienna, Austria
1998 Musée des Arts décoratifs de Montréal, Montréal, Canada
1998 Galerie Tiller, Vienna, Austria
2000, 2005, 2009, 2013 and 2015 Anne Schofield Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2000 and 2002 Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, California, USA
2000 The Sybaris Gallery, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA
2002 Julie’s Artisan Gallery, New York, USA
2006 Sienna Gallery, Lennox, Massachusetts, USA

Group exhibitions in numerous countries and extensive reports in various journals and publications


Gerti Machacek

My work is marked by the playful manner in which body and form are treated

At the same time I also work in different subject areas such as dance, movement, the art of folding such as origami and its application to metal, as well as nature and the environment.

At the same time I also work in different subject areas such as dance, movement, the art of folding such as origami and its application to metal, as well as nature and the environment.


In my work I place emphasis on sculptural jewellery that can also serve as mementos or objects conducive to self-identification. By virtue of its portability and innate movement, jewellery permits shifts in perspective.

Gerti Machacek served her apprenticeship as a goldsmith with Hans Muliar and studied history of art at the University of Vienna.
Since1981 she has been working as a freelance artist and has participated in many national and international exhibitions, inter alia:

1987EuropaliaBrussels, Belgium
1993Neue RingeMuseum Bellerive, Zurich, Switzerland
2008New Play in Art
Il Gioello Inaspettato
Giardino Botanico Heller, Italy
2012Schmuck, Horn und Geweih - JewelleryGalerie Slavik, Vienna
2015Shadows - SchattenGoldschmiedehaus Hanau, Germany

Her most important publications are:

Schmuck.Kunst am Körper
Contemporary jewellery Art to wear
Edition Galerie Slavik [1999]
The Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellery 2008A.Lim, Darling Publications [2008]
Art Meets JewelleryArnoldsche Art Publishers [2010]
New RingsNicolas Estrada, Thames and Hudson Ltd. [2011]
Art Jewelry Today EuropeCatherine Mallette Schiffer Publishing [2014]

In 1992 Gerti Machacek received an award, the Austrian State Prize for Craft Design, in acknowledgement of her work.
Works have been purchased by the Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna [MAK] and the Artothek – Art collection, Vienna, as well as by several private collectors.
Her work is on show and for sale at the Gallery Slavik and artup in Vienna, Austria, as well as at eckegalerie in Augsburg, Germany, and the Gallery ab Ovo in Todi, Italy.


Bao Toan Puls

Motivation, a story and the wish to lend it form. Leading to a new beginning: a dialogue between the object and the beholder

In the work of goldsmiths I discover many familiar features reminiscent of Chinese painting. The brushstrokes, the rhythm of the painting and the nuances of the ink are to be found in the design, execution and surface designs.

In the work of goldsmiths I discover many familiar features reminiscent of Chinese painting. The brushstrokes, the rhythm of the painting and the nuances of the ink are to be found in the design, execution and surface designs.

2009-2011Completed goldsmith course, Vienna Academy for Goldsmiths, Austria
1999-2009Studied Chinese painting under Docent Zhao Yu Sheng, Baden, Austria
1970-1974Studied economics, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
1951Born in Hanoi, Vietnam


2015OFF JOYA 2015, Studio Jura GolubBarcelona, Spain
45th German Jewellery and Gemstone PrizeIdar-Oberstein, Germany
2014Galerie MenottiBaden, Austria
JOYA 2014Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain
2013Jewellery in ConcertGalerie V&V, Vienna, Austria
Designpfad Déjà VuGalerie Mana, Vienna, Austria
OFF JOYA 2013Studio Jura Golub, Barcelona, Spain
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014Winter JourneyGalerie Slavik, Vienna, Austria
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014Die lange Nacht der SchmuckkunstGalerie Mana, Vienna, Austria
2011WHITE - 9 Jewellery StandpointsStudio Liniert, Vienna, Austria

Florian Wagner

Generosity, fantasy and erotic radiance are all features of jewellery

My jewellery lends an additional distinctive touch to female self-assurance - thus giving rise to a sense of well-being.

>My jewellery lends an additional distinctive touch to female self-assurance - thus giving rise to a sense of well-being.


Why the fragments? Without a woman, the wearer and her beauty, my work would be fragmentary and incomplete.

Generosity, fantasy and erotic radiance are all intrinsic features of jewellery. Without the person wearing it, jewellery is incomplete. Regardless how often and whatever the occasion, only on the body does the cycle that usually begins with a sketch and the selection of material run its course. The creative process follows both the artistic ideas and the craftsmanship of the jeweller. It bears his imprint: that of an artist who in an eccentric manner blends luxury and aesthetics in precious materials. In a blaze of new ideas, art takes on a form of its own in Florian Wagner's exclusive modern art jewellery for individualists.

Born in Berlin, Florian Wagner came into contact with craftsmanship through his father, Hans Wagner, who had taken over from his father, August Wagner, the famous workshops for mosaics and stained glass. The mosaics in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin stemmed from those workshops, as did the mosaics at the Union Terminal in Cincinnati and the frieze in the lobby of the Rockefeller Centre in New York, as well as the mosaics in the Golden Hall in Stockholm, to mention but a few

In 1969 Florian Wagner completed his apprenticeship as a goldsmith in Berlin. He left Europe and took up residence in Johannesburg in South Africa, where he stayed until 1973.

He was fascinated by the extraordinary range of minerals and gems in the southern hemisphere. Even today they have a major influence on his work.

Florian Wagner moved to Vienna in 1973. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and ten years later he established the Galerie Mana which, up until 1989, was an important forum for contemporary art.. The encounter with contemporary art and music inspired him to adopt an extensive design vocabulary, which manifest itself in his silverware, viz. his Teapot for Two (Silver Triennale 1991/92) and his participation in the exhibition Diagonal - Design from Austria during the Expo 1992.

In 1997 the austere and yet expressive aesthetic of Japanese art lent stimulus to a series entitled Exotic pieces of Jewellery. Based on that experience Florian Wagner's work underwent a shift: a return to a formal design language and materials that he had long neglected.

In 1998 Florian Wagner opened a shop in the centre of the city that he had to close seven years later when a new landlord changed the terms of the lease.

In 2006 he re-opened Galerie Mana where he put on exhibitions of his own work and set up a forum for his colleagues active in the field of art jewellery.

Each autumn, ever since 2011, the gallery has hosted an annual cycle of six house concerts known as The New House Concert, curated in partnership with Oscar Aichinger.

Over many, many years Florian Wagner has been fascinated by opals, agate and labradorite: in short, minerals beyond the fringes of the mainstream. They have formed the bedrock for the material orientation of his work. His design language has evolved in symbiosis with the women commissioning the pieces that are imbued with the mystic properties of the gemstones.











Chris Horny

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